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JCuckoo's Main web The web for users, groups and offices. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2018, Peter Thoeny and contributing authors. Peter Thoeny [] Peter Thoeny [] TWiki TWiki.Main TWiki.Main WebStatistics Statistics for Main Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: Aug 2005 209 0 0 23 ... 2005-08-08T07:13Z guest 1.31 updated major MichalFrackowiak Name: Michal Frackowiak Email: rumcajs Country: Poland Homepage: Hi! I am the founder and project ... 2004-12-07T10:05Z MichalFrackowiak 1.5 updated major InterestingLinks interesting links TOC Projects (somehow) similar to JCuckoo JavaParty A distributed companion to Java "JavaParty allows easy port of multi-threaded Java programs ... 2004-09-02T08:00Z MichalFrackowiak 1.2 updated major WebHome JCuckoo Java object migration framework The main purpose of the JCuckoo project it to create a framework for distributed (grid) computing with such features as (limited ... 2004-08-31T10:21Z MichalFrackowiak 1.24 updated major WantToHelp for those willing to help So you want to help with the project? I can assure you that any help will be deeply appreciated. Here is a (short and incomplete) list of ... 2004-08-31T07:11Z MichalFrackowiak 1.2 updated major ProjectDownload JCuckoo download page Right now the only access to the files is via cvs. Please see this page for instructions how to use cvs service. The module ... 2004-08-31T07:10Z MichalFrackowiak 1.2 updated major FAQ frequently asked questions (FAQ) Why are there no questions? That is one of the TODO things you can help with.... 2004-08-31T07:10Z MichalFrackowiak 1.2 updated major UsersManual JCuckoo User's Manual TODO 2004-08-31T07:10Z MichalFrackowiak 1.2 updated major ProjectDocumentation Documentation for the JCuckoo project main concept explained incorporated features planned features (also a wishlist) technical description javadoc API user's manual ... 2004-08-31T07:09Z MichalFrackowiak 1.2 updated major ProjectBenchmarks JCuckoo benchmarks When we produce a usable distribution one of the first things we will do will be adopting and running multithreaded benchmarks from http://www ... 2004-08-30T20:52Z MichalFrackowiak 1.1 updated major MainConcept Main Concept Overview The aim of the project is to create both simple (in use) and universal high-level platform for distributed computing in Java through object ... 2004-08-30T20:50Z MichalFrackowiak 1.1 updated major TWikiTechnicalPage INCLUDE{" TWIKIWEB .SiteMap"} TWiki.Main Web: WIKIUSERSTOPIC : List of users of this TWiki web. TWikiGroups: List of groups. OfficeLocations: Corporate offices. INCLUDE ... 2004-08-30T14:19Z MichalFrackowiak 1.1 updated major TWikiUsers List of TWiki users Please take the time and add yourself to the list. To do that fill out the form in TWIKIWEB .TWikiRegistration. This will create an account for ... 2004-08-30T13:38Z MichalFrackowiak 1.23 updated major WebPreferences Main Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the Main web. These preferences overwrite the site-level preferences in TWIKIWEB . WIKIPREFSTOPIC ... 2004-08-30T12:59Z guest 1.18 updated major TWikiAdminGroup TWiki Administrator Group Set GROUP MichalFrackowiak Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE TWikiAdminGroup (Note: Set the members of TWiki Administrator Group in GROUP, then enable ... 2004-08-30T12:58Z guest 1.9 updated major TWikiGuest A guest of this TWiki web, not unlike yourself. You can leave your trace behind you, just add your name in TWIKIWEB .TWikiRegistration and create your own page. Personal ... 2004-08-30T12:57Z guest 1.6 updated major