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Projects (somehow) similar to JCuckoo

JavaParty - A distributed companion to Java

"JavaParty allows easy port of multi-threaded Java programs to distributed environments such as clusters. Regular Java already supports parallel applications with threads and synchronization mechanisms. While multi-threaded Java programs are limited to a single address space, JavaParty extends the capabilities of Java to distributed computing environments."

Manta - Fast Parallel Java

"Manta is a native Java compiler. It compiles Java source codes to x86 executables. Its goals are to beat the performance of all current Java implementations. Currently it already contains a highly efficient RMI implementation (source code compatible with std. RMI). It is currently about 30 times faster than standard implementations. Class libraries are taken from Kaffe, classpath and partly homebrew."


"JavaSymphony is a high-level Java-based programming paradigm for parallel and distributed systems. JavaSymphony is a part of the ASKALON - a programming environment and performance tool set for cluster and grid computing. It is build as a Java class library that allows the user to control parallelism, load balancing and locality at a high level. The communication between two different machines is build on the top of RMI. No special JVM implementation is required and JavaSymphony is portable to every machine that runs JVM."

No download section, no public release.


Ok, Globus is a Goliath, JCuckoo is a David. Targetted for different purposes Globus is an amazing collaboration project.


BOINC is a software platform for distributed computing using volunteer computer resources . It provides infrastructure to such projects as: SETI@home, LHC@home,Predictor@home,


A perfect usage of distributed computing. With the help of JCuckoo it will be possible to create infrastructure even for massive grid computing and run custom numerical projects.


JVM comparison

Comparison of various JVM implementations. Should be up-to-date more or less.

Grid Cafe

Gives a nice explanation of grid computing concept in a popular way.