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Welcome to the home of JCuckoo.Main. This is a web based collaboration area to get to know the JCuckoo tool.

Powered by TWiki The TWiki home is at

Good starting points at the JCuckoo.Main web are:

  • WelcomeGuest?: Look here first to get you rolling on JCuckoo.
  • TWikiWeb?: Explains what a JCuckoo web is.
  • TWikiUsers: List of visitors to this JCuckoo web.

  • GoodStyle?: Things to consider when changing text.
  • TextFormattingRules?: Easy to learn rules when editing text.
  • TextFormattingFAQ?: Answers to frequently asked questions about text formatting.
  • TestArea?: The place to get your virtual JCuckoo hands dirty!

  • Topic index: List up all JCuckoo.Main topics in alphabetical order.
  • Search: Full text search of the JCuckoo.Main web.
  •    (More options in WebSearch)
  • Changes: Find out recent changes of the JCuckoo.Main web.
  • WebNotify: Subscribe to be automatically notified when something changes in the JCuckoo.Main web.
  • WebStatistics: View access statistics of the JCuckoo.Main web.
  • WebPreferences: Preferences of the JCuckoo.Main web.
  • TWikiPreferences: JCuckoo site-level preferences .


  • You are currently in the JCuckoo.Main web. The color code for this web is a light yellow background, so you know where you are.

Note: Included topic Main.TWikiWebsTable.txt? does not exist yet