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for those willing to help

So you want to help with the project? I can assure you that any help will be deeply appreciated. Here is a (short and incomplete) list of the ways to help developing the project:

  • share your vision with us, tell us what you need from such a package as JCuckoo
  • download files, use them, share your comments!
  • base your own project on the JCuckoo framework
  • convince your colaborators to use JCuckoo
  • help finding bugs, send patches, your improvements etc.
  • register with these TWiki pages, help maintaining them (they are user-editable!)
  • provide example codes to the web pages, howtos, faq and manuals
  • become one of the developers

etc. etc. At the very moment it is however difficult to accept help because we are struggling to make a first release. When it is done there will be enough basis to build manuals, howtos, example codes etc. And it will happen soon.