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I am the founder and project leader of the JCuckoo project. I am also aPhD student at Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center in Poland (, JCuckoo is the project I generaly develop in my free time when my doughter already falls asleep.

JCuckoo is however a framework I need for conducting my simulations and the first aim was to efficiently use our 12-node AthlonXP cluster. But it became obvious that in such a flexible language as Java it would be not much harder to connect more computer altogether - e.g. from the whole institute. If so - why not to create more complex topologies connecting more remote computers as well? It would require at least some simple protection (e.g. SSL) but again should be not a big problem.

Although the concept is quite clear this is the time for the implementation. So - instead of writing this I would rather go and write a few lines of code.